BIC SOLEIL: Rebranding Campaign

The women’s razor category sucks. We rebranded BIC Soleil and gave the brand a new tone and a much needed dose of real talk.

Our success on Soleil was the result of a truly integrated team effort. We launched their Instagram in March 2016 and have seen success with conceptual influencer partnerships, calculated media buys, and custom content.

Here are a few of my favorite headlines (click to scroll through):



If you're a woman, you know you contort yourself into all kinds of positions trying to achieve a smooth shave. And...if you're a man, well, now you know. We created, shot, and produced this "Shower Yoga" series to bring this insight to life. All moves are based on actual yoga poses.



Every woman has an arsenal of beauty hacks they turn to in a pinch. We personified some of the more notorious ones. Like the Peep-Toe Pedi: Why paint all 10 toes when only a few show? Or, the Capri Shaver: The illusion of a fully shaved leg achieved with minimal effort.



Millennial women are the most optimistic generation in history. They also hate advertising. So how do we find an authentic way to connect with them? By showing them more of what they love. In this case, Fifth Harmony. Our partnership with Fifth Harmony culminated in a media day, an Instagram takeover, and a Spotify partnership. Well, the Harmonizers definitely showed up. We more than tripled our following in 24 hours.

A short video on our partnership:



During our media day with Fifth Harmony, we released a media kit with information on our survey of millennial women. In it, we included shaving tips, product details, and our findings from the survey.


Our Spotify partnership gave fans a way to connect with Fifth Harmony (and other influencers) like never before. Influencers created individual playlists featured on our BIC Soleil hub. These units resulted in a 230% increase in listening time and 33MM earned impressions. 

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Agency: Cramer Krasselt
ECD: Ken Erke
CD: Jimmy Dietzen
CW: Jen Stopka
AD: Jaime Flynn
Designer: Sarah Murphy